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Idea behind TakeToys

Supermarket experience with adult toys — that was the main idea behind TakeToys when we opened the first store back in 2013.

We want our customers to have easy, shame free experience in our shops.

We believe that your desires are not something you should be criticised for, it should not be a taboo. Moreover it’s a vital part of people’s health, both psychological and physical.

Providing customers with the widest range of quality toys is one of our main goals.

Customer’s reviews

They have pretty cool stuff

Seriously one of the best shops for any of your kinky need. They have pretty cool stuff. I love coming here. Good experience every time.

The price is reasonable

Reasonable price! Great service and speedy reply.

Everything was totally discreet

Appreciate it so much, I definitely don't want my colleagues are aware of my order. The toys were packed in ordinary SF Express package, the invoice under the name of normal limited company, had only total amount and no product names or descriptions.

Like I am in real supermarket

Friendly and competent Customer Service. I decided to change the product after my order payment and they did it fast.

Wide product range of different brands is also quite impressive, had a feeling like I am in real supermarket. Park&Shop for adults:)