We sell adult products at reasonable prices and provide  Worldwide delivery. 

sex shops in Hong kong.png 1. Chain of Adult Product Supermarkets! . We know our clients and their wishes very well so they come back to our supermarkets again and again.

icon048 copy.png 2. 100% Privacy & Security. Privacy and security are core values at TakeToys.net. For over 8 years we have been trusted by our customers to offer a secure shopping environment and discreet shipping. We are committed to ensuring your privacy and security in all aspects of our business, at all times – with NO exceptions.

icon064 copy.png 3. Our Sales Staffs are Experienced Adult Product Users.
All our sales staffs buy and use sex products themselves so they know products well and understand your needs easily.

icon026 copy.png 4. Latest High-Tech Novelties. 
We visited many exhibitions to hunt for you for latest novelties. Try virtual reality, programmed, remotely controlled and many other high-tech products from leading brands!  Our advanced sex shop is always at the industry leading edge and on the top of trends. You can pay in crypto currency and see the latest novelties of adult toy industry.

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5. All products are in stock and ready to be delivered right after your payment.

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6. We Know How to Care about You!  
CALL! ASK! TALK! We serve many real customers every day in all our supermarkets so we understand well all your wishes and problems.

icon071 copy.png 7. Gifts & Discounts!
5% discount for orders over €122 
7% discount for orders over €367 
10% discount for orders over €612

icon071 copy.png 8. Loyalty Program
You earn Loyalty Credit for every order at TakeToys.net after order delivery. Loyalty Credit is equal up to 5% of the value of your order after discounts and credit applied, excluding shipping charges. Loyalty Credit can be applied towards your next order (up to 50% of order amount). Loyalty Credit is valid for up to 180 days from the date of your payment.