How To Stimulate G-Spot

How To Stimulate G-Spot

For many women, the G-spot can be quite tricky to find and stimulate. Each body is slightly different that is why what works for a woman might not work for another.

Getting that explosive G-Spot orgasm has never been easier

You have always heard about the elusive G-Spot and how it can give you that amazing orgasm, but never got to experience it? It's high time you learned what toys you need.
G-Spot massage can also lead to powerful G-Spot orgasms. Learn the techniques from Laura Rose Halliday.

What is the G-spot and where can I find it?

Ernest Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist, was the one who found the famous G-spot. It is, in fact, an internal erogenous area, with a unique spongy texture, located about 1-2 inches inside the vagina, on the belly side wall. Although it's not too deep into the vagina, it can be difficult to locate using just your hand or your partner's penis.


That is why using the right G-spot toy and the right maneuver you can locate and give direct stimulation to this hidden spot. No matter if you choose a C shaped vibrator, a rabbit vibrator or a suction cup dildo, make sure that you are very aroused before you start. Arousal will make the G-spot be more pleasurable to stimulate and more sensitive to touch. Also, keep in mind that when trying a new toy it might not bring the expected results on the first few attempts.

How to choose G-spot toys?


Features of a G-spot toy


Replicating the natural thrusting motion of intercourse is one of the ways of giving the G-spot the pressure it needs. This type of vibrator simulates the movement associated with sex, but it allows you to control the amount of pressure, the rhythm and the power. This vibrator can extend 7,6 cm offering the vibrating, thrusting pleasure for a unique experience.

Suction Cups

A suction cup G-spot dildo is the best option for the women who want a solo experience. Simply attach it to any surface and enjoy the freedom to move and bend your body allowing your G-spot to find the most pleasurable angle.


What can be more enjoyable than getting the 'big O' in the hot tub? Your body is relaxed, the warm water offers a tingling sensation and the waterproof G-spot vibrator does the rest. You will have an orgasmic bath time for sure.


Simply finding the G-spot will not do the trick. You also have to stimulate it and what better way than through vibration? You choose the intensity and let the toy’s vibrating head give you a thrilling buzz that your sensitive G-spot needs.


A pulsator offers strong pulses that energize and tease the G-spot's nerve endings creating a unique pattern of pleasure. Such a toy is perfect for those with limited flexibility or when you just want to turn it on and leave it in to give you the toe-curling climax.

Rotating Bead

Rotating beads massage the inner walls of the vagina offering tingly sensations, at the same time creating powerful rolling sensations on the G-spot. You can choose the one with two, three or four rows of beads for an extraordinary enhancement and an orgasmic treats.

Dual motors

With a dual-motor vibrator you can enjoy the simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and the opposite side of the vagina. It has a shape that adapts to any vagina size, creating the sensation of completeness. The two motors are placed on the tips of the toy to stimulate the two sensitive areas.


The wave feature creates a rhythmic, smooth pressure to caress the G-spot like a wave movement. These vibrators have a unique pressure wave stimulation motion to provide remarkable sensations, just like the come-hither motion.

How to use your G-spot vibrator for maximum pleasure

Do not think that if you have a G-spot vibrator, all you have to do is turn it on and wait for the magic climax. It's not that easy.
  • Foreplay
  • Take the time to get your G-spot ready for play. You can start with clitoral stimulation to relax your sex muscles and to naturally lubricate your vagina for easier toy insertion. If your lover is around you can try oral sex or mutual masturbation. You can even use the toy to stimulate the outer sweet spots.
  • Lubricate
  • Use a lubricant for your toy and your vagina to make the insertion more comfortable, since the vibrator is curved and not straight. Use a high-quality lubricant such as Sliquid Natural Gel or the PjurMed Natural Glide.

  • Work your G-spot toy
  • Once you are relaxed and ready for pleasure slowly insert the toy into your vagina and turn on the vibration. Play with the various functions and speeds and apply as much pressure as you need to feel the G-spot swell. Take all the time you need to explore this pleasure zone and once you hit the G-spot, you will feel it firming up and enlarging as blood rushes to it.

    All these toys have been designed to target the G-spot, effectively massaging while sustaining pressure and maximum stimulation until climax is achieved, so be prepared to experience lots and lots of orgasms.