Bath should not just be a routine but an opportunity to explore our bodies. There are lots of accessories for a bath you can add to your daily routine to set the mood for a sensuous intimate relationship. From candles to Dead Sea salt, and bath toys, transform your bat time into a message that speaks into the soul of your partner.
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Shunga Crystal Bath Salt Aphrodisia - 75g

Shunga Crystal Bath Salt Exotic Fruits - 75g

Red Container Pheromone Perfume Shower Gel Fierce Hunk - 300ml

Shunga Crystal Bath Salt Lotus Flower - 75g

Sliquid Balance Soak - Green Tea Bubble Bath - 255ml

Shunga Crystal Bath Salt Ocean Breeze - 75g

Shunga Oriental Bath Salt Oceania - 600g

Gentl Man Intimate Wipes 10's Pack

XP UP Hair Growth Shampoo - 300ml