We all need help sometimes. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Having stimulating lubes handy makes it easier to play with yourself. The warm feeling, when squeezed into the palm, sets you into the mood. Their relaxing nature also makes them suitable for massage. They wipe quickly, so you don’t have to bother about people knowing your behind-the-door secret.
Check out these popular stimulating lube brands: System JoTengaPjurSliquidShiatsu
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Tenga Hole Lotion Red - 170ml

Tenga Hole Lotion Black - 170ml

Pjur Myglide Stimulating & Warming - 30ml

Tenga Hole Lotion White - 170ml

Hot Glide Liquid Pleasure Warming Lube Water-Based - 30ml

Tenga Hole Lotion Silver - 170ml

Orgie Hot Lube Tube - 150ml

Pjur Myglide Stimulating & Warming - 100ml

Hot Glide Liquid Pleasure Warming Lube Water-Based - 100ml

Pjur Superhero Energizing Glide - 100ml

Rends Legendary Handjob Lotion - 200ml

Orgie Sexy Vibe High Voltage Gel - 15ml

Pjur Superhero Energizing Glide - 30ml

Tenga Egg Lotion - 65ml

EXE Hot Puni Ana Rich Lube - 360ml

Orgie COOL Lube Tube - 150ml

Play & Joy Hot & Sexy Lube - 50ml

Ondo Warm Water-Based Lubricant - 120ml

Play & Joy Hot & Sexy Lube - 100ml

SSI Zettai Ikaseru Lotion - Cool - 180m

Tenga Hole Lotion COOL - 170ml

Play & Joy Super Maca Hot Lube - 250ml

SSI Nipple Dome Lotion - 100ml

SSI VB Warm Lotion - 170ml

Mixgliss Fresh Water-Based Lube Pepper Mint - 70ml

Mixgliss Hot Water-Based Lube Cinnamon - 70ml

S8 WB Warming Lube - 125ml

S8 WB Warming Anal Lube - 125ml

System Jo H2O Warming Lubricant - 30ml

Sliquid Naturals Sizzle - 125ml

S8 WB Cooling Anal Lube - 125ml

Play & Joy Rose Maca Hot - 35ml

EXE Hot Puni Ana Rich Lube - 150ml

Pepee Special Exciting Lube - 150ml

Fleshlight Fleshlube Fire - 100ml