Out with the old uninspiring masturbators and in with the next-gen solid dolls designed to look like real girls. These beautifully designed 3D masturbators are a crafter in different position making it easier for you to find one that conforms with your favorite sex position. You will almost feel like you are making out with your partner.

Check out these popular solid doll brands: Kokos, KMProduce, A-One, EXE, Magic Eyes
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Jorokumo Brandi Torso 5kg Masturbator

EXE Julia God Body Hall Masturbator

Jorokumo Samantha Torso 8.5kg Masturbator

EXE Arina Hashimoto God Body Hall Masturbator

Lovetoy Streetgirl's #5 Masturbator - Brown

G Project Goku-Hida Virgin 1100 Masturbator

A-One Doll Wig for Kumi Love Body Doll

FAAK Flood Masturbator 1254g - Blue

SexFlesh Double Up Dennis Realistic 3D Ass

EXE Hitokukan DX Masturbator

FAAK Pretty Masturbator 1229g - Red

FAAK Seductive Masturbator 1229g - Red

Juicy Pussy Little Flower Masturbator - Skin