Different strokes for different folks is one of the reasons why clothes come in different sizes. Being a little larger than conventional sizes doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort.
L-size condoms deliver a real touch feeling such that you can feel the warmth of your partner without compromising on your safety.

Check out these popular L-size condom brands: TrojanOkamotoSagamiFuji LatexDurex
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Sagami Original 0.02 L-size 12's Pack

Sagami Original 0.02 L-size 3's Pack

Sagami Original 0.01 L-size - 10's Pack

Durex XXL Original Condoms 12's Pack

Glyde Vegan Supermax Condoms 60mm 18's Pack

Glyde Vegan Maxi Condoms 56mm 18's Pack

Sagami Orginal 0.01 L-size 1's Pack

Sagami Orginal 0.01 L-size 5's Pack

Sagami Orginal 0.01 L-size 2's Pack