Take out the best qualities from water-based and silicone lubes' formula and voila! Hybrid lubricant with the long-lasting effect that leaves no stain on your bedsheets. Suitable for heavier play, larger toys, or for those who want 2-in-1 lubricants.
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Orgie Anal Sensitive Lube Tube - 100ml

Mister B FIST Classic - 500ml

Sliquid Organics Silk - 125ml

Mister B FIST Extreme - 200ml

Pjur Power Silicone Premium Cream - 150ml

Orgie Anal Comfort Hybrid Lube - 100ml

Mister B FIST Hot Lube - 200ml

S8 Hybrid Lube - 125ml

Mister B FIST Silicone - 200ml

Just Glide Performance Lube - 20ml

Mister B FIST Extreme - 500ml

Mister B Load Hybrid Lube - 500ml

Mister B Load Waterbased Lube - 30ml

Just Glide Performance Lube - 50ml

Just Glide Performance Lube - 200ml

Malesation Anal Hybrid Glide - 100ml

Malesation Play 5 Hybrid Lube - 500ml