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Sexy and seductive nipple stickers are one of the small things commonly used in sex foreplay to professional striptease performances. Alluring and stylish nipple stickers will definitely give your partner the most intimate surprise! Want to keep your lover's eyes on you? Just choose the right nipple patch!
Check out these popular brands: Obsessive, Me Seduce, Leg Avenue, Bijoux Indiscrets
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Obsessive Cosmetic Case - Pink

Obsessive Mirror Heart - Red

Ouch Costas 2 Chest Harness - Black

Sierra Chaton Nipple Cover 100's Pack

Coquette Lace Bondage Set Deluxe - Black

Lovetoy Heart Tassels Nipple Pasties - Red

Obsessive Washing Bag

Glossy Kelly Wetlook Gloves - Black - M

Obsessive A701 Mask - Pink

Frisky Miss Behaved Chest Harness - Pink

Coslina Premium Nipple Cover 100's Pack

Obsessive A701 Mask - Black

Leg Avenue Plush Bunny Ears - Black

Me Seduce Harness 03 - Black - S/M

Obsessive A740 Top Harness - Black

Toynary SM09 Rose Nipple Covers - Red

Ouch Chara Breast Harness - Black

Coquette Elastic Harness Set - Black

Me Seduce Harness 01 - Black - S/M

Toynary SM05 Leopard Heart Nipple Covers

Obsessive A758 Bottom Harness - White

Obsessive A759 Top Harness - White

Ouch Thanos Chest Harness - Black

Obsessive Amor Blanco Mask - White

Me Seduce Harness 02 - Black - S/M

Lovetoy Glitter Heart Tassel Nipple Pasties - Silver

Chisa Wearable Bosom - Flesh

Coquette Headband w Cat Ears - Black

Coquette Headband w Bunny Ears - Black

Red Container Nipple Cover Exclusive Case

Me Seduce Bridle - White

Me Seduce Cat Mask 06 - Black

Me Seduce Shoe Ornament SO02 - Red